Thought at Work

Annual design conference 2018-2020

Thought at Work (TAW) is an entirely student-run design organization. Every year we host 20+ industry professionals and 300+ students of diverse backgrounds for a three-day design conference. Throughout the school year, we host community-based design events. Our goal is to inspire, grow, and teach our design community of students, educators, and professionals.

300+ attendees

20+ industry professionals

3 days

$10,000+ raised

1000+ hours of preparation

Since 2018 I have been managing internal teams and working alongside peers to put on the design conference, which required me to wear many different hats. A team of six of us ran weekly meetings for the rest of the club to touch base on task progress and keep a consistent identity. I directed the signage team in creating wayfinding and decorative artifacts to create an all-encompassing experience. I also oversaw the lounge design team, working closely with interior design students to imagine the central gathering space. On the day of the conference, I was a major touchpoint for volunteers, speakers, and attendees to answer questions and clarify problems as they arose.

Design Overlap

Workshop Series 2019-2020

80+ attendees

5 design clubs

2 lectures

2 workshops

1 night

At the beginning of 2019, I helped imagine a new direction for the conference group. We had the idea to expand our operations into a multidisciplinary design organization with the goal to bring together designers of different disciplines to inspire and learn from each other. After consulting with many professors we began organizing our first event apart from the conference: Design Overlap.

Design Overlap 2019 was a huge success. It brought together RIT's design community and fostered new connections. Four design clubs presented either a workshop or lecture, followed by a reception.


In February 2020 we hosted the second annual Design Overlap, this time with 6 clubs, bringing in even more design-related disciplines than the year before. 


I had the opportunity to design and lead my own workshop centered around team collaboration, pulling from my experience working on Thought at Work. 

Thought @ Home

COVID-19 Workshop Series 2020

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have been a mentor for the new leaders of Thought at Work to develop a virtual series for continuing our mission to inspire, grow, and teach our design community. the club has been reaching out to design professionals to share some of their expertise through weekly Zoom lectures.